In 2115 The UN takes notice of the inability of its member states to properly govern their people. Riots, protests, and political assassinations have led up to a catastrophic event in the 53rd state, the San Francisco Bay Area, which forced the UN to step in.

       Now the war is over and countries loyal to their UN membership have recovered and are on the rise. This series tours the globe, giving readers insight into the bizarre goings-on now that 70% of the planet lives under one government.
       Plant hybrids, masked gangsters, time travel, super science. All stories in this series connect and shed light on each other.



Surrealist Conceptual Science Fiction: Science-Fiction that contains elements not needing immediate justification; Elements used and themes contained therein exist simply because they should.

       This particular series of stories will be broken down into several episodes, ultimately comprising the anthology known as Our Amplified Earth. All events occur in the same universe, albeit in different time periods and locations. Each story can shed light on another, with all stories finally combining to serve as a spyglass into a universe of both my design and manufacturing.

Amplify: [am-pluh-fahy] (v) 1. To make larger, greater, or stronger.

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